Security Overview

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Everything you'll need to manage security on your website is in this section:

cPanel Security Section


Apps in red are of particular importance in the ongoing administration of your
web hosting. The listed order is the order that appears in cPanel.

SSH Access
Use the SSH Access interface to securely connect to your sever remotely through the command line. NOTE: Access is provided on a temporary basis only. Please open a Help Desk ticket.
IP Blocker
Use the IP Blocker interface to prevent access to your site from a range of IP addresses. If you enter a fully qualified domain name, this feature will attempt to resolve it to an IP address.
Use the SSL/TLS interface to manage SSL/TLS keys, certificates, and signing requests, and to enhance your website's security.
Manage API Tokens
Use the Manage API Tokens interface to create, list, update, and revoke API tokens. The server recognizes API tokens and allows you to run API functions.
Hotlink Protection
Use the Hotlink Protection interface to prevent hotlinks to your websites. A hotlink occurs when another site embeds content from your site and uses your bandwidth to serve the files.
Leech Protection
Use the Leech Protection interface to set a maximum number of logins that can occur within a two-hour time limit. This feature can help you manage users who wish to publicly post their passwords to a restricted area of your site.
ModSecurity is a web application firewall. It monitors incoming web traffic for threats in real-time, blocking malicious connections before they reach applications.
SSL/TLS Status
Use the SSL/TLS Status interface to view, upgrade, or renew your SSL certificates.
Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
Use the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) interface to configure an improved security measure that requires two forms of identification to log in. If you disable this feature, you must also remove any existing 2FA user configurations.
Let's Encrypt™ SSL
The Let's Encrypt service provides end-users with the ability to instantly issue free trusted SSL certificates for all of their hosted domains.
Imunify360 is an all-in-one security solution with robust cloud protection against the newest attacks and it is available directly within your cPanel control panel. This is a premium, paid service to Immunify, but has a 14-Day Free Trial if you'd like to test drive it.