Domains Overview

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Everything you'll need to manage domains on your website is in this section:

cPanel Domains Section


Apps in red are of particular importance in the ongoing administration of your
web hosting. The listed order is the order that appears in cPanel.

Site Publisher
Use the Site Publisher interface to quickly create simple websites from a variety of templates. You can use this feature, for example, to ensure that visitors can find your contact information while you design a more elaborate website.
Use the Domains interface to create and manage multiple domains for your account.
Subdomains represent subsections of your website that can exist as a new website without a new domain name. Use this interface to create memorable URLs for different content areas of your site. For example, you can create a subdomain for your blog that visitors can access through and
Use the Aliases interface to create domain aliases. Domain Aliases allow you to point additional domain names to your account's existing domains. This allows users to reach your website if they enter the pointed domain URL in their browsers.
Use the Redirects interface to make a specific webpage redirect to another webpage and display its contents. This allows users to access a page with a long URL through a page with shorter, more memorable URL.
Zone Editor
Use the Zone Editor interface to add, edit, and remove A, AAAA, CNAME, SRV, MX, and TXT DNS records. Note: This interface combines the functions of the Simple Zone Editor and Advanced Zone Editor interfaces. We removed the Simple Zone Editor and Advanced Zone Editor interfaces in cPanel & WHM version 72.
Dynamic DNS>Use this interface to utilize a Domain Name System (DNS) hosted on the cPanel server to resolve a hostname that exists on an external network with a dynamic IP address. A dynamic IP address changes, while a static IP address stays the same. This feature lets you manage your network devices without the need to manually update their settings any time the IP address changes.